Anonymous: Are you left handed?


I have a few great friends that are cops, but for the most part…

Anonymous: Gosh, you're so pretty! Cliff is a lucky man


Kim Kardashian and Lana Del Rey are both beautiful,


but it’s so unflattering and disgusting that they wear fur.

Anonymous: Hair tutorials pleaassee! Especially how you used to curl your hair a while ago, it was always so pretty and beachy!

Okay! Will do

mash-elle: I would totally watch your YouTube videos too! You should be a mommy blogger/youtuber you'd be awesome! It's also a great way to make some $$ at home. You'd be surprised how much money you can make blogging. if you haven't already check out Anna Saccone's blog - she does mommy/baby OOTDS all the time. So cute.

Thank you! Yes I have watched her birth story videos :) I want to start.

Anonymous: Anything! Lol I sound creepy but makeup product/ hair products/ things you love to use/ routines/ your daily life haha I've seriously watched all your videos I used to love when a new one was uploaded :) !!

Okay! Good ideas

Anonymous: Ah if you brought back your YouTube videos that would be awesome!!! I'm still subscribed to you :)

What should my first video be!?

Anonymous: Why did you delete that picture of you with the dotted shirt on Instagram that you posted yesterday? I loved it :(

Do you ever post a picture and then look at it again and hate it? Haha that’s what happened.

Anonymous: I know you probably won't do anymore but just letting you know I miss your YouTube videos! I still watch them and love them! It's because you were so real and not made up like most of the Beaty gurus out there. You were very relatable :) hope all is well xoxoxo

Thank you! I was actually just thinking yesterday that I should do more since I’m a stay at home mom now and have free time (kind of) but my laptop is always giving me problems. Sometimes it just won’t even turn on at all. But I DO have a new camera. Maybe I’ll try it! I might have to stop and take care of Charlie here and there but I can edit that part out haha.