jamiekratzer: Happy birthday, Jess!! I've been following your tumblr/ insta and I just wanted to say you seem like a great person and I adore your style! And congrats on your daughter she's beautiful :)

Thank you so much girl!

Anonymous: What did you get for your birthday?

Money, some artwork of Charlie and Rogue, a necklace with a “C” charm for Clifford and Charlie. And ring with ruby gemstones (Charlie’s birthstone), mascara, a video game, a couple other things are in the mail and haven’t arrived yet. I am a very lucky gal.

Anonymous: Happy Birthday! What did you do for your birthday?

Thanks! Clifford let me sleep in while he watched Charlie and went in to work late. He also made me breakfast. When he got home we went to the art museum. Then we dropped Charlie off at a friends house and we had a date night. We went out for sushi then coffee and a couple other things. :)

superfluoushabit: happy birthday!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Thank you!

My birthday is today!

Anonymous: And I know he's gotten busy with work and personal things (or so he says). Idk what to do? I really like him. I feel desperate trying to cling on to something that's not there. We're not in a relationship, we're not even dating, but I cried all day today over it. I'm afraid to tell him the true extent of my feelings bc I don't want to scare him off. I've spent several months trying to come off as chill girl lol. Am I being weird? Or is he just not feeling it anymore? I'm afraid to ask.

I’m not familiar with tinder, is that an app created for people looking for relationships or just hookups? Because honestly I haven’t heard a story yet of anyone finding a good guy/girl through that thing. It’s all been bad news so far. So I can’t say I’m surprised. It does seem odd that he would spend that time talking to you though…I mean I hate talking on the phone and face timing. Unless it’s with my family or fiancΓ© which I love. So Id assume he’s interested! Or else he would just be texting.

Anonymous: Jess I started talking to this guy about 6 months ago via tinder. We texted everyday/occasionally have 3 hour long phone convos and FaceTime sessions. We've only hung out in person a couple of times but it's been so fantastic and the chemistry between us is literally palpable. It's fantastic. I've developed feelings. I've noticed over the past couple of weeks he's been distant with me- choppy messages, picking fights, disappearing for several days at a time. His mood has changed


Anonymous: Advice needed, please! So I've been dating this guy for about a month, he calls me his girlfriend and everything. But on Facebook he's still single and doesn't really claim me. I'm not sure how to feel about it. Is it insignificant? Or should I say something? If so, how should I bring it up? Am I reading too much into this by thinking that this somehow means that he's not really committed? Thanks a bunch! :)

If you’re going to have a successful relationship you have to have good communication. You need to bring this up! If it were me I would probably say something in a joking/sarcastic way. Like next time he called me “girlfriend” I would say “wait I’m your girlfriend? That’s not what Facebook says ;)” something like that. So you don’t seem paranoid but it shows you noticed and that you care.
I know Facebook drama seems stupid but it is what it is. Social media is popular and it’s the first thing people look at these days to get info on someone. So I understand that this matters to you and so should he.

Anonymous: I am in the second month of a horrific breakup. He keeps texting me but conversation doesn't go far as I do not feel remotely ready. It was a rocky relationship, and time does not seem to be healing my wounds. I am not sure what to do to feel better? Also congratulations on your absolutely gorgeous baby girl, she is truly lovely!

Thank you! I’m sorry to hear you’re going through rough times. Break ups are seriously the worst. I’ve had my share and every single one of them was awful. And I’m the worst person to ask because I just mope and listen to depressing music and cry and eat junk food and watch gossip girl and drive and chain smoke. Literally that’s what I did every breakup. Then after a week or so of feeling sorry for myself I would go shopping and to the spa and I felt like a whole new woman.

Anonymous: Hey I need advice. So this guy I started talking to is suddenly not showing any interest in me. This sounds so naive but he seems so perfect for me. Everything about him. He's so unique and I don't think I will find someone that is that similar to me, so now I'm starting to feel myself get depressed feelings. I hate being this way, I feel so dramatic.

Don’t stress about it, I guarantee it you are young and you’re going to meet several other people that you will feel this way about. Every time I liked someone and it didn’t work out I would get upset and think it was the worst thing ever. My dad would tell me “oh hush your whining, you’re going to have about 5 more crushes by this time next year.” Haha and he was right. Someone new and more exciting always comes along.

Anonymous: What are your tattoos of?

Mostly family/heritage stuff.

Anonymous: Hello pretty! Advice please? /: can't get this boy out of my head. We met once but hit it off amazingly. He said he was into me after first time! Life got busy, school, work, he's passionate about his career goal. We text occasionally and it's always nice. Don't wanna be weird and pushy to hang. Time just hasn't seem to be right. Any thoughts? I may be expecting too much out of a "met once" thing. Or maybe more time? Cuz he wouldn't respond if he didn't care to chat a lil. Ya know? Hm. Thanks!

I don’t think you’re expecting too much, you just really like ‘em! Which is awesome. I would casually put it out there that you want to get to know him more and hint that you’re interested. Good luck :)

Anonymous: Same anon, we have been fighting a lot because his ex is always around him but he always tells me all this cute things. I don't want any drama, I don't want to lose his friendship... should I give him a chance as something else?

The more I’m reading the more I’m thinking you should just stay friends.

Anonymous: There's this guy that I know for like three years now and I knew he had a crush on me but he had a gf then, we started hanging out and were really close friends until he ditched everyone for another gf who I also know, we weren't bff but I knew her. They dated for 3 months and broke up a month ago. Now he's telling me how he really cares about me and that I'm really important for him. I want to give him a chance but his ex it's really clingy and I think it would be weird what should I do?

I would be skeptical. I just don’t like exes in the picture. Just my personal preference. I think it’s childish and disrespectful. Part of me wants to say try it because I’m the type that believes in taking chances but the other part of me says to respect yourself and do better.