Anonymous: Hi! You're such an inspiration to me. The way you love your life, the things you like. Soo I need help! There's this boy that I've had a crush on for forever now (he doesn't really know) we hung out for the first time and everything was cool. He brought a friend, I had a friend w me. He told me to text him when he left and asked for a hug! Texted for a while after he left as well. Then oddly, he hasn't texted much. It's just been around 2 days. Should I jus feel it out? I don't do games. /:<

Well first of all thank you! Second of all you seem really sweet! Usually if I’m interested in someone I let them know, and I just text them all the time whenever I feel like it because games are stupid. Unfortunately not everyone is like that. He may be in to you too and just expresses it different. Who knows maybe he is waiting for you to text him? (Lame, but could happen) if I were you I would just be honest and show him you’re interested! If he doesn’t feel the same way that will stink, but atleast you won’t be wasting your time.

Anonymous: How much did your braces cost ?

I don’t know my dad paid for them. Probably like 5k?

Anonymous: I'm 19 and I'm debating between getting metal braces or ceramic braces ? what did you get when you had braces ? and what would you do ? I feel like I'm too old to get braces but I really want nice teeth .

I had metal ones, I was 19 too. I hated it.

Anonymous: What turns you on?


Anonymous: I can't buy any nail polish :( I keep putting them into the cart but they disappear and won't let me buy

My website is picky with iPhones and tablets and stuff. Works best with the google chrome app. Or on a desktop/laptop. Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Anonymous: Omg you are still so tiny for being 7 months!! You can only even tell that you are pregnant by your stomach, other than that you look normal. So jealous. If you don't mind me how much weight have you gained?

The last time I went to the doctor I weighed 121. I’m probably up to 125 now. So I’ve gained about 20 lbs so far :)

Anonymous: You are beautiful, Jess. Your daughter is gonna be such a little babe. ;)

Thank you!