My boo thang doin’ his thang

Anonymous: Can you describe what giving birth felt like?

Contractions feel like severe severe period cramps. Felt in your whole stomach and your back. Not just your lower stomach. Pushing feels like very heavy pressure. Literally like you’re pushing out a bowling ball. Child birth is definitely the craziest experience.

My contractions hurt worse than actually pushing the baby out.
Anonymous: How in the world did you get your body back so fast?

I worked out my entire pregnancy minus the last few weeks. When you stay active during pregnancy it really helps you shrink back down afterwards. After childbirth I still stayed active, not working out but walking a lot. Breastfeeding really helped, it’s burns so many calories. I eat small portions but all throughout the day. And healthy snacking mostly. Keeps my energy up and my metabolism going.

Anonymous: You look like a mix between Alessandra Ambrosio and Liv Tyler. Beautiful.

Haven’t heard either of those before! Thank you. They are both lovely ladies.

Anonymous: Different anon, but I've been in a handful of serious relationships and I haven't been with any of them longer than 6 months without losing interest. I thought I was cursed and bound to be forever alone because I'm the best, but you've restored my faith in the fact that it's possible for me to find someone who's not a total fuckboy! 🙌

I was sure of the same thing. I was convinced that life just wasn’t for me and that I was too independent for it. Clifford showed up when I least expected and completely changed my life. He’s my forever.

Anonymous: Have you ever felt like you were bored in your relationship? I've been dating my bf for 2 years but just kinda feeling bored & stuck in it :/

Yeah basically every single relationship except for the one I’m in now. I usually get bored after 6 months lol. MAYBE a year if you’re lucky. But I’ve never felt bored in my relationship now. Comfortable, yeah, but not bored. I still have butterflies and I’m still as head over heels as I was in the beginning!

Anonymous: More kids in your future!?

I could make a hundred babies with Clifford. If he wanted to lol. But right now we are very happy with one. And it’s way too soon for another.

Anonymous: What was it like being pregnant with Charlie? like did you physically feel like you had another life growing inside you or did you not really feel anything? I'm sure that probably sounds like such a stupid question, but I mean apart from when she would kick you, did your body feel different?

It doesn’t feel any different. Especially in the beginning when you’re not showing or feeling any movement. As you get further along and you start having more symptoms, you are reminded more that you are pregnant and making a life. But without all the little reminders (belly, kicks, cravings, back pain, heartburn, etc.) I felt just like my normal self.