Anonymous: What advice do you have for someone who has a crazy mother in law?

I think all mother in laws can be a little crazy. You just have to learn to embrace it the best you can. I love my mother in law to death, and she’s definitely crazy. But she is so amazing at the same time so it outweighs the crazy. Haha. I’ll probably be a crazy mother in law too.

Anonymous: I know that you posted in a question a long time ago what YouTube video you use as a work you at home. Could you share with us again?!

Fitness Blender!

I can’t wait to make love again.

Anonymous: I met a guy a few weeks ago. Saw him again thurdsay and he asked for my number. Saturday i decided to ask him for drinks. He payed and it was really nice but at the end i was so nervous I couldn't kiss him. So I texted him yesterday and it was short. My friends day I should just ask him to get dinner or something and that playing games and waiting is stupid. I just feel like I asked him to drinks and texted first I don't wanna try to hard

I agree with you. You made the first move, now it’s up to him!

Anonymous: Do you think it is right for a man in a relationship with a family to be going out or with friends every single weekend, all weekend long?