Denim. T-shirts. Boots. Hats. Give me them all.

Anonymous: You look like leighton meester

Omg don’t tell me that AS IM WATCHING GOSSIP GIRL I love her too much.

Anonymous: Tell us details about your upcoming wedding :)

Well it’s a winter wedding but it’s in Florida so it might be a little chilly but not like REAL winter. My color scheme is pretty plain. Basically everything white/ivory with pops of dark greens/browns/greys. It’s going to be rustic but not TOO rustic. I’m a southern girl but I’m not country. I like simplicity when it comes to stuff like this. It’s outdoors. I’m going to have tex-mex style food catered. It’ll be from 4-8 so after sunset I’m going to have s’mores and live music.

Anonymous: How do you work on regaining trust from your bf?

YOU shouldn’t have to work on anything. It’s their responsibility to make you feel comfortable and make you trust them again.